About Us (Green Golden Jutex)

Our History


Green Golden Jutex, an entirely export-oriented business unit, started its journey in 2020. Within this brief span, it became a leading Wholesale Manufacturer and Exporters of jute goods in Bangladesh. The company exemplifies leadership, vision, determination, innovation, and growth. With a commitment to the environment, Green Golden Jutex is developing jute products and eco-friendly promotional services that further create an ecologically sustainable future in the days to come.


Green Golden Jutex is moving forward with the idea to protect the environment by producing biodegradable jute-oriented products. Jute can be a vital source of reducing CFC infusion and greenhouse gas to uphold this phenomenon. Green Golden Jutex is exporting the best quality jute products to more than six countries.

GGJ jute is one of the leading jute industries that bags almost all kinds of national and international recognition in its journey. The company has been ensuring punctual shipment with the finest quality.

The rise in the quantity of artificial synthetic fibers in the market is a constant threat to the environment for the massive amount of disposal in tons after tons. Besides business, we believe mankind is safe under nature, and natural fiber can ornate this universe.  In a beautiful shape for the existence and upcoming generation.

Subsequently, Green Golden Jutex always offers a considerable price for buyers. GGJ jute is a competitor of itself. We always appreciate positive criticism from buyers and always seek their advice for improvement, as it is a continuous process. The documentation and courier-sending speech distinguish us from others. Jute is the golden fiber and GGJ is a remittance fighter in this sector.


Green Golden Jutex is a prominent and trustworthy manufacturer of jute products worldwide. Continuous quality development is the driving force of our organizational policy. We aim to reach high standards of quality for products manufactured. Our clients thus meet the needs of the market requirements.

Green Golden Jutex’s top-notch Quality Control team consists of techno-commercial experts who ensure that quality and costs are. They work in cooperation with the manufacturing team to maintain production quality. The quality system is customer used driven and involved. 

The accurate quality measure at GGJ is to fulfill customer requirements through excellent quality and efficacy products. The quality of our product and on-time delivery will continue to be the key to our competitiveness for years to come. At Green Golden Jutex, we fully understand and utilize our quality management system as it will continue to provide a solid foundation for success. 


Green Golden Jutex stands out from the majority of South Asian suppliers since we are a full-service provider with reliable, vertically integrated production facilities and strong creative and analytical capabilities. Dominate these Markets in High Quality: 

✪ Jute Bags (Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Gunny Bags, Jute Sacking Bags, Ladies’ Bags, Beach Bags, etc.) 

Jute Items (Table Placemats, Table Runners, Spoon sets, Sandals, Shoes, etc) Denim, Cotton, Woven, and Non-Woven Bags. 


To conserve the environment by producing biodegradable jute-oriented products.


Green Golden Jutex strictly adheres to the ETI guidelines. Thus, we maintain strict monitoring to ensure a secure and hygienic working environment for our workers. The factory, free from forced and child labor, is aware of the decent wage for all workers creating an equal opportunity for employment irrespective of one’s gender and race. 


Reaching Excellence Requires The Right Combination Of Manpower And Machines. We Ensure Both At Green Golden Jutex. Our Skilled And Professional Team Is Equipped With Contemporary Machines To Meet Up The Style Trends. 2 Sample Men, 1 Production In Charge, 1 Supply Chain Office & Workers Of More Than 25 Persons.


Bangladesh is the largest exporter of jute products in the world. Green Golden Jutex contributes a healthy share by exporting 100% of its products. Finally, we are helping the world to become bio-degradable and eco-friendly through the strongest network of jute products worldwide, we have firmly planted our feet in the international market for six years. In the past six years, we have been conducting global business with the United States Of America and European countries Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, and other countries in the international market. We never compromise on quality and are strictly ethical in our trading principles.


Sewing Machines, 3D Software Plotter, and Pattern Cutters, Embroidery Machines, Hessians/Fabrics Cutting Machines, Zig Zag Machines, 5 Thread Over Lock Machines, Bar Tack Machines, Heracles Machines, Hemmming/Safety Stich Machines, Heat Seal Printing Machines & Screen Print Systems.


Jute, The “Golden Fiber” Of Bangladesh, Has Various Inherent Characteristics Like High Tensile Strength, Low Extensibility, Long Durability, Fire, And Heat Resistance, Silkiness, Luster, And Long Staple Length Available In Abundant Quantities. Jute Is Not A Major Textile Fiber Only, It Is Also A Raw Material For Nontraditional And Value-Added Products That Help Protect The Environment And Maintain Ecological Balance. Besides, It Has An Enviable Market, Both Locally And Internationally.

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